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Friday, August 16, 2019

Apple accuses Corellium to virtualize iOS illegally

Apple has filed a complaint against Corellium, a company unknown to the general public, but astute. It has developed since the beginning 2018 a service virtualization of iOS from servers ARM.

Concretely, for a fee, we can remotely operate, and, through a web browser, any version of iOS on a profile iPhone of their choice. Corellium even offers the possibility to use versions jailbreakées of iOS.

This principle of virtualization is not new, it is common to do the same thing with different desktop operating system market. It can be used for a publisher of applications that will compile and test our software on more machines and systems that it may not have, but also for researchers in search of security vulnerabilities. It is on this last aspect that Apple carries a good share of his charges.

First of all, Apple has not given license to virtualize iOS, recalls the complaint filed on 15 August. Corellium is breaking the copyright of Apple iOS, on iTunes and on their interface elements that it uses, in addition, extensively in its communication. The complaint also cites a provision where, for a million dollars per year, Corellium offers a dedicated and private customers of his system.

The other criticism made of this startup is to sell its service to those who want it, without worrying about the intentions of these customers (currently they are only companies, not freelancers who can subscribe to a formula). Apple cites the case of one of these customer who makes trade of security vulnerabilities that it has found, rather than reporting it to their authors. Corellium not supervise the exploitation that is made of his service, blame Apple, it is only by pure desire for profit.

Apple intends to cease all use of its software by Corellium and obtain financial reparation. This complaint follows in the wake of the announcement of a new version of the program to search for security vulnerabilities within systems of Apple. Apple offers more and it is now available, with a circle of hand-picked researchers, copies of iPhone, where iOS has some of its protections lowered.

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