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Friday, August 16, 2019

Apple attacks the RAW for the manufacturer of Red cameras

The Legal department is out of its torpor in the summer. After being attacked Corellium and its virtualization tool iOS, we learn that the army of lawyers, Apple is looking to invalidate a patent held by Red Digital Camera, manufacturer of the famous high-definition cameras and smartphone Hydrogen One.

The procedure, filed with the u.s. office of patents and trademarks on may 6, the patent 9,245,314 held by Red and simply called ” Video Camera “. It protects the technologies needed to Rawcode, format, raw video owner of Red.

Red is one of the partners of Apple for the Mac Pro.

According to Apple, some aspects of the patent of Red can not be patented due to a lack of precision concerning, for example, redraw settings and definition of the images to perform the functions described in the document. Therefore, Apple believes that the patent in full should be invalidated.

If by chance Apple won the game and got to the invalidation of a patent, the manufacturer would then be able to use the same codec RAW that Red without having to pay a license. The manufacturers of cameras could also save in the same format, facilitating the passage the interoperability of the files. Apple operates its own format ProRes RAW built-in to Final Cut Pro since April of 2018.

Jarred Land, the president of Red, is not more worried than that. He explained that the initiative of Apple is a “standard procedure “for patent holders :” This is not the first time that someone challenges the patent of Redcode, and each time our patents have held up “, he says the site NewsShooter. “Red expects its patents to retain their validity once again “.

Land also appreciates the relationship is “fantastic ” that has the Apple with Red. “[Apple] has publicly announced in June that[she] continues to work on incredible projects ” with the manufacturer of the cameras. Red is actually part of the partners of Apple for the future Mac Pro, and the support of videos 8K in Final Cut Pro.

Apple’s Petition for Invalida… by Mike Wuerthele on Scribd

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