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Friday, August 16, 2019

Apple has distributed its patches for a major flaw Bluetooth

During the publication of the list of flaws fixed in iOS 12.4, tvOS 12.4 and in some versions of macOS, Apple had kept a below the elbow, by the time it is formalized by the Bluetooth consortium.

A group of researchers had found a flaw at the time of the communication which carries out the pairing between the two devices. There are six methods of connection and these are two of them, common, that are concerned : the Bluetooth Basic Rate, and the Bluetooth Enhanced Data Rate.

They have found a way to impose an encryption key of which the length could be reduced to a single byte. A brute-force attack, where are calculated all the possible combinations to guess the contents of this key, then became infinitely more simple and fast. This trick is made easier by the fact that some of the Bluetooth specifications do not require the manufacturers of minimum length for the encryption key.

The flaw is of importance since the possession of this sesame makes possible the interception of data exchanged or the injection code. But the context for its implementation is quite tedious.

It is necessary that the device, which will mingle with the trade the other two, either in their immediate surroundings ; it fits into the discussion, in a time very reduced and that, once the length of the key imposed on the two victims, he manages to guess quickly (but that is the whole purpose of the attack, making this step much simpler). The operation also will have to be repeated each time a match is performed, since a new key is generated.

An attack is not necessarily easy but which nevertheless prompted the consortium to adjust its specifications, basic and instructions to publishers and producers. The corrected versions of the systems of Apple have been posted online on the 22 July last.

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