Beijing Express 2019 – Lydia and Mounir eliminated : “We have lost 6 and 5 kilos !” - Medianaij Medianaij: Beijing Express 2019 – Lydia and Mounir eliminated : “We have lost 6 and 5 kilos !”
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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Beijing Express 2019 – Lydia and Mounir eliminated : “We have lost 6 and 5 kilos !”

Lydia and Mounir have been eliminated from the adventure Beijing Express 2019 Thursday 15 August 2019. The newlyweds, who have since broken up, have agreed to go back on their adventure to

You are eliminated when you weren’t the last of the race. In do you want to Laëtitia and Aurélie you have chosen for the final duel ?

Lydia : Honestly to death ! I was still surprised that she choose us because we arrived a few minutes after the first in spite of our disability, which means that it was not so lame that it. And and then, one has won a amulet during the competition and it has happened several times in second. Maybe they wanted to have a worthy opponent for the final duel, but it is hard to be eliminated like that.

Mounir : I would have done the same thing as she. We had pineapple, they knew they would be there for the final duel, so I would have done the same. I was not surprised.

Do you find that the disability of the pineapple was too complicated ?

Lydia : At the beginning it is very difficult because of the pineapple in Costa Rica, they are at least a kilo. The wear at the end of arm it is horrible. The first day was catastrophic for us and after we said that he was not to be defeated, and that it was all in the head.

That is what the adventure has taught you about you ?

Lydia : It has allowed me to rediscover and to really gain confidence in myself. In Beijing Express we go above and beyond both physically and mentally and we realize that we are capable of doing the same thing as men. I am able to challenge myself and it restores self-confidence.

What is the adventure you have learned about your buddy ?

Lydia : I was blown away by Mounir because he really has a very good mind. This is a very good competitor, he exceeds and gives background. Even if we had a fight, it has been a very good support for me.

Mounir : It was like in the life of every day, we fight but we love strong and we pass quickly on to something else. Whatever happens we remain united and we are always there for each other during moments of weakness.

What has been the most difficult ?

Lydia : It is the mind. From morning to night one is in competition and when looking for a accommodation, it sometimes takes several hours. Here, it is the mind that plays.

Mounir : It is the stress of the race, from the start. At the beginning of each stage there is a ball in the belly because we don’t want to finish last, or be chosen for the final duel. So we stress, we get the ball in the belly and diarrhea in the early stage.

Julia has been sick on the shooting, Briac has been injured and you ?

Lydia : I’ve lost weight and that is all. I’ve lost 6 kilos thanks to Beijing Express, I’m too happy. It is for this reason that the people in the street tell me that they don’t recognize me.

Mounir : Me at the beginning of each step I vidais. I was so thoroughly in the competition. I’ve lost 4 or 5 good pounds. It must be said that it was not the time to eat, it is necessary to chaid, the race begins at 8am and ends at 16 or 17h and 17h it no longer has the right to search for food. It then looks for a dwelling, it can last for hours and eat what people finally have the generosity to offer us.

Mounir, we have been able to see on the social networks that you know Nessim, a candidate of Koh-Lanta in 2015…

Mounir : It is my cousin ! At the base I applied to participate in Koh-Lanta , and I was directed towards the Beijing Express. I have no regrets because when he tells me his experience in Koh-Lanta , and tells me that they are on an island, they are hungry and that there was nothing to do… I much prefer Beijing Express.

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