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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Beijing Express 2019 : Lydia and Mounir eliminated, the Miss and the sisters in war

Last week in Beijing Express 2019, Mounir and Lydia arrived last but the black envelope revealed that thestep was non-selective. Good news for the couple who continues the adventure. But as is the rule, it is with a handicap bulky that they resume the race. They must be eleven pineapple at arm’s length. That has happened to them and the other pairs in Costa Rica ? Summary.

War between two pairs

They have two days to travel 560 miles and make it to Cartagena, the former capital of the country. But before, you have to join Stéphane Rotenberg in Puerto Jimenez and it’s better to arrive early because the winning duo is qualified for the next stage and has the chance to go to Corcovado national park, only accessible by plane.

To exit the peninsula on which the applicants find themselves, they must take a ferry that can only carry a single team at a time. The first team that reaches the other side gets the phone express that allows you to have a GPS, a translator and a phone call to a close. While Briac and Fabrice on one side and Thomas and Mathieu in the other are already in the process of wandering, the war rages on between Kleofina and Julia and Jennie and Laëtitia. Opponents pounce on the same boat. The sisters accuse the Miss of the their stealing – the two Miss were on the ferry so that only one sister was boarding.

These are the brothers woodcutters, Thomas and Mathieu, who get the phone express. A godsend since they speak very badly Spanish. Between the Miss and the sisters, nothing will. The teams are constantly passing in front of and taunting. In this duel 100% feminine this is the Miss that are taking up the most advance. It is then that the panel drive prohibited made its appearance. The following must be done in a kayak, on a distance of 10 kilometres. While Miss rowing, Mounir and Lydia are still far away and just lost a pineapple. The only way to solve the problem is to buy a new one. What they are doing. The other duo to be in trouble it is composed of Mathieu and Thomas. Their kayak takes to the water. They are struggling to move forward and capsized several times. Thomas brings to mind once again his ras-le-bol and his desire to leave the adventure.

During this trial all plays out between Kleofina and Julia and Steve and Martine. What are the coach and his student who finish first. Julia is tearful.

The Miss, Laëtitia and Aurélie and Fabrice and Briac come next. These teams participate in the immunity challenge. Mounir and Lydia don’t even step. Their tag sounds while they are in the middle of the lake.

Immunity challenge

To win immunity, they must find gold. While a candidate, made an obstacle course for them to bring bags of earth, his henchman is looking for gold using a battée as did the gold diggers. The team that finds the most gold wins. Two techniques are developed by the competitors : there are those who fade quickly leaves to let go of the golden nuggets, a technique that allows you to have time to recover from the many bags, others want to avoid the back-and-forth and sieve more thoroughly.

Briac chooses the speed, Fabrice therefore returned in the first search for a bag. He returns to the obstacles and has the privilege to award to the opponent of his choice, a retarder, a bag of several kilos. He chooses to assign this poisoned gift to Laëtitia and Aurélie. The turn after, the sister decides to handicap the Miss for revenge of what happened with the ferry.

Laetitia and Aurélie were collected with 9.1 grams of gold
Fabrice and Briac : 13,1 grams of gold
Julia and Kleofina : 8.5 grams of gold.

The pair of strangers is once again immune.

All the world resumed the race, except Steve and Martine, and must get to the Artago to 367 miles. Mounir and Lydia, who struggle because of their pineapple to be able to double Mathieu and Thomas, and then Laëtitia and Aurélie ! They are therefore in second position behind the Miss. But the love would be to catch up not. Kleofina and Julia are first. Aurélie and Laëtitia are past. They choose to face Mounir and Lydia during the final duel because they are handicapped by their pineapple.

Final Duel

Laëtitia and Mounir (and five pineapples and a half since Mounir trip without Lydia) have fifteen kilometers to go. Once you have arrived at Ruinas de Ujarras, they must decipher a rebus, take the action that it dictates and redo reverse path. The rebus is very complex and the candidates pull their hair. Laëtitia is on the verge of finding the sentence, but is blocking on a word. The solution is “we must embrace the guard before you go.” It is finally Mounir who finds it first and goes back towards the finish. Laëtitia is not very far away and its driver took a different route. A chance for the one taken by its competitor is blocked. Mounir finish last and unfortunately for him and Lydia, the test is eliminatory. They offer their amulet to Fabrice and Briac.

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