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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Darina Scotti and Emma Smet : Men, drag… They engage in a straightforward

A set of questions/answers. Very active on Instagram, Darina Scotti-Vartan and Emma Smet share everything (or almost) with their followers. August 14, 2019, the aunt and her niece have decided to respond to the questions sometimes very intimate for their fans. Love life, advice, friendship… the two women are épanchées on their private lives without any taboo.

Let’s start from the beginning, Emma and Darina are they single ? “No, for we two“, a-t-on learned. The daughter of Sylvie Vartan, who lives in the United States, is facing some cultural differences with the men… “It is necessary to know that down there, everything is labeled. If he tells you that you’re “exclusive” but that it is not safe to engage with you seriously, it is just that he wants to keep you under the elbow until he finds someone better, “she says.

With their reputation, it is not obvious for the two accomplices to find trustworthy friends. “It is difficult, it takes time, but trust has to be earned. Our mistakes help us in future relations“, indicated the two women, 21 years of age. At such a young age, the two friends give tips full maturity. What lessons draw from their previous romantic relationships ? “That not everyone has the same heart and the same respect as you. There has been a lot learned a lot about ourselves and our limits, “they said.

The two very beautiful women then supplied their best tips for flirting, explaining to break the ice with a “set of eyes“. It is necessary “tobe oneself, to overcome” in order to please. Emma and Darina and finally give it the three things they notice first in a man : “His smile, his hair and his eyes“. Gentlemen, you have been warned…

On holiday with their brother and father, David Hallyday, Darina Scotti-Vartan and Emma Smet spend a sweet vacation on the side of Faro, Portugal.

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