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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Eight smartphones with Pokémon GO at the wheel

Obviously, the message never appeared for that motorist to Seattle, which has even decided to go even further, because he was playing Pokémon GO on… eight smartphones (!).

Beware of distractions !

The police officers of the State of Washington had a surprise in stopping the motorist one evening, while he was travelling on the down-side of a motorway in the rush hour. On the passenger seat was in fact a block of foam that contains eight smartphones, each open on a session of Pokémon GB.

In spite of the circumstances more than shady characters, the motorist who was fond of Pokémon has not received a penalty : the police have not caught him in flagrante delicto of conduct with the power of smartphones in front of the steering wheel. And fortunately, it is hard to see how he can remain master of his vehicle with all of these devices in the nose…

In spite of everything, it is possible that he was travelling on the low side in hope of catching a Pokémon… The police have given a warning, given that there was no emergency situation requiring a pull on the side of the road. They have also asked the driver to store their phones at the back to avoid any distraction.

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