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Thursday, August 15, 2019

EnjoyPhoenix confused : “These failures that I have so injured”

Wednesday 14 August 2019, EnjoyPhoenix has taken hold of his account Instagram to pass an important message to his thousands of subscribers. The videographer 24-year-old explains at length have a big shot of blues and think of bad times lived through these past months. “In life, it is important to try to find the light in the dark moments. But often, in my case, this light is sometimes complicated to find. I am grateful to live in a country security, having a roof over my head, eat to my hunger, and have a stable income. But lately, I do not allow myself to be sad, “she wrote.

Mary Lopez, his real name, says being exposed to a lot of stress these days : “And the more I flange believing that I can still move forward, the more I sink. I always try to spend time with people, by what I am unable to stay with me even without cogitate, reflect, think, and finally I create the stress and complications that do exist, sometimes not even. Every summer it is the same thing, I make a balance sheet of my life, and I’m not focused on those failures that I have so injured.”

The fans know it. EnjoyPhoenix speaks regularly on his YouTube channel, his fight against the acne is as difficult as ever. “This year, there were several : my stopping the pill which aggravated my acne, which I eat daily. These projects that I took to heart but who have not been successful. This permanent questioning of my legitimacy and my content, “says one who has participated in Dancing with the stars.

And recently, those friendships in which you’re invested if strong and make you sink into pain when you see the other side of the mirror. So yes, in majority, and appearance, my life is beautiful. But you should know that the networks don’t show everything, and especially not always the reality. My reality to me is that I have to fight every day against myself (…) It is important not to keep it for oneself“, concludes the influenceuse.

In this dark period, it will no-doubt count on the valuable support of her boyfriend, the belgian DJ Henri PFR.

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