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Saturday, August 17, 2019

iOS 13 : the rules of geolocation annoy publishers

Seven publishers of iOS apps have moved from Tim Cook’s changes in iOS 13 for the géolocalisaiton users, reports The Information.

In their letter, they point out that when an app asks the user what type of geo-location it wishes to validate, the “Always” option no longer appears. It has the right to “Authorize when the app is active”, “Allow once” and “Deny”.

The new default choice in iOS 13

This option of a geolocation permanent has not disappeared, but they have to go looking yourself in the privacy options that are specific to each application. A dive in the settings of iOS that those developers think there is little that is intuitive for the users.

The publishers in question are Tile, arity method, Life360, Zenly (from Snapchat), Zendrive, Twenty and Happn. They offer a variety of services and driver assistance, location of relatives, location of luggage and other equipment, sharing its position with friends as well as encounter.

They fear that this change, which has an impact on how their applications work — by default there will be no geo-location on a regular basis to be seen as a dysfunction by their users. They call with Tim Cook, the implementation of a new method for validation of this request, in two stages.


This group also spoke about the restrictions which will apply to the API PushKit. It is intended for apps of VoIP that need to monitor the arrival of a call. The fact that it enables operation in the background, it was sometimes used for geolocation (read VoIP : Apple’s restricted API and the siphoning potential of data by Facebook).

Only, some apps have a need, as highlighted in Life360, a kind of “find my friends” for his family and friends. The editor admits diverting the primary function of this API when it is necessary to identify a user rugged.

In addition, these editors note that the own Apple app “Locate”, do not need a permission of the user to access to his or her position, while she is in competition with some of their apps.

Apple has responded to The Information that she put to the forefront the issues of confidentiality and that any change to hardware, software or at the system level was done ” for the benefit of the user, his private life and to provide them with the best products and ecosystem in the world “.

However, Apple said to be working with some of these signatories to find ways to replace functions removed from its API and need these software. As for the plan for whose benefit the application “Locate”, Apple said that other apps, those distributed from the App Store and not be installed by default with iOS, are subject to the same criteria as third-party apps.

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