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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Keen’V and Cauet : bare-Chested, and very sexy in the south of France

Keen’V (36 years old) has decided to spend a few days holiday with one of his most faithful friends :Cauet. On August 16, 2019, the singer sharing his reunion with the presenter of 47 years, father of two children (Ivana, 17 years old and Valmont, 19 years). It is in the south of France near Narbonne that the two men decided to put their suitcases for a few days rest. After an arrival with fanfare at the airport, the interpreter Lets talk about sharing in his story Instagram their little tanning session at the pool in their beautiful villa. Very accomplices, the ex-colleague Cécile de Ménibus called even affectionately the singer,”my little wife“. In a swimsuit, Keen’V and Cauet enjoying the sun until a detail disturb their peace… “Cauet and Keen’V Investigation” is put in place.

The duck mystery

Cauet explains to his followers : “We have decided to talk about a case, a little bit forgotten by the media. The case of this duck. Is there and landed for visibly two years. Without having deflated what is already a great performance.” A duck (buoy) throne on one of the palms of their property. The case is subject to debate within the group. How this poor duck, he could arrive there ? For how long ? And most importantly, the climax of the mystery, why isn’t it deflated ? The artist post on Instagram a photo with the famous duck and wrote : “Small sun break by typing the break“.

The two holiday-makers engage in a game of ping pong insane (that Cauet wins). Later in the evening, the friends find themselves in a nightclub and Cauet is behind the turntables for the dj. Keen’V filming his performance and wrote admiringly : “Dj activated“.

So, what surprises will still give us the two accomplices for their summer vacation ?

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