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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Logitech released a combo keyboard-mouse silent

If you work in an office, especially in open-space, it is certainly happened to be exasperated by the constant noise of an army of colleagues who mistreat frantically on their keyboards mechanical… and at the same time, your poor ears. Because if these keyboards are convenient, comfortable and reliable, they have a characteristic that can sometimes push the most misophones of us up to the syncope, pure and simple.

If you recognize yourself in this paragraph and that the only sound of the video above was enough to give you the desires of killing, here is some good news : Logitech has thought of you with her new keyboard/mouse combo, the MK470 Slim Combo.

This keyboard is rather elegant and original, with the corners very rounded, should find its place on a good number of offices. But his main argument has nothing to do with aesthetics : it is to seek the functional side. In fact, Logitech this keyboard as being extremely quiet (90% of noise in less compared to a traditional keyboard, according to the manufacturer). It goes the same for the mouse. This set is, therefore, addressed in priority to spaces of coworking, where the simultaneous use of keyboards mechanical by several colleagues at the same time can create a background noise is continuous and very annoying, of those who can prevent you to focus on. Finished, the migraine at the end of each day !

One can also imagine that it could be directed to those who can not bear to hear type. You can’t help but find this argument curious, when we know the importance of audio feedback in the synchronization of the fingers for typing.

A compact keyboard of the most classic

Apart from this argument sound, the MK470 is a keyboard/mouse combo rather classic. The two work wireless via a simple USB adapter 2.4 GHz. We regret the lack of additional USB port on the side of the keyboard, a small bonus is always appreciated. The manufacturer claims a typing experience similar to that of a laptop computer with its mechanisms of scissors. For better and for worse : it suggests to us that the race should be very short (maybe not as short as a MacBook, all the same), and hits fairly soft. Good news for those who type on keyboards of laptops in everyday life, a little less for those who are accustomed to standard keyboards.

Otherwise, it will be a keyboard rather classic, which comes with a numeric keypad and a function key in a format that is relatively compact. The power is supplied by two AAA batteries for the keyboard and one AA battery for the mouse.The MK470 is available now at a price of $ 49.99. Note that the mouse is available to the unit, for 24,99€.

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