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Thursday, August 15, 2019

MHD in prison : his letter poignantly written in cell

Thanks to social media, celebrities are closer to their fans. MHD applies to his for the first time since his detention, dating back to January 17, 2019. The rapper and actor has published a letter, tribute to a deceased friend.

This letter was posted by the music producer DSK On The Beat. He relayed the words of his friend MHD (his real name was Mohamed Sylla), written following the death of a singer of côte d’ivoire ‘s DJ Arafat.

MHD addresses the deceased : “Big brother in January 2019, I arrived at Babi [nickname of the city of Abidjan, the capital of the Ivory Coast, ED] (…), thou I did listen to your upcoming hits and a song that we had to work together in the future. Big brother, first concert at Babi you came to see me at my hotel so that we didn’t know, but for me I knew you by your talent, you have made me dance on each of your pieces, on that day, you said to me : ‘Little, you’re too far away for the others…’ Big brother, you got me inspired in the Afro, I would listen and know your songs by heart, you came on stage with me, I’ve danced at your side, knowing that a year ago I saw that on my tv…

Didier, why I hear your name the information in my cell ? You make me what there ?, adds the hero of the film My Brother, indicted for voluntary manslaughter. Didier you got me, rest peacefully now my brother, we’ll forward all your art to the youth of the world ! They know that one day, there was a legend by the name of ‘DJ Arafat’.

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