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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Secret Story : an obnoxious new, the House of secrets soon to be demolished !

The House of Secrets will soon not be a very distant memory. Say goodbye to long hours spent at the confess’, the missions dictated by the prod’ and toasted to a thousand kilometres away, and the dishes that accumulates in the sinks and colour. The last building, which has hosted the candidates of the show for four consecutive seasons – will soon be destroyed in the context of a plan of “development and urban renewal the urban agglomeration of Plaine Commune“, ad TV Magazine, It will be necessary to so say your goodbyes final to the remains of the show, “in optics for construction of a new neighborhood“.

Noré Abdelali – winner of the season 11 -Julien Geloën – season 10 -, Emily Fiorelli – season 9 – and Leila Ben Khalifa – season-8 – are part of the ultimate generation that has had the opportunity to declare victory in between these four walls. Built in 1992 on the roof of a old studio of AB Productions La Plaine Saint-Denis, the building is expected to make the soul permanently within five years. A blessing because since “Secret Story” has been removed from the program schedule, the House of Secrets was a wasteland – as the site Generation Club Dorothée showed a video noting the damage.

This is not the first time that a former logis television knows a destiny miserable. The castle of the Vives-Eaux of the Star Academy, which is located in Dammarie-les-Lys, has been trashed for many years before its new owner decides to take things in hand. But the news is tough to cash… particularly as it applies not only to the House of secrets. The batch property of 33, 000m2 also includes the filming locations of our finest sitcoms, the French signed Jean-François Porry – aka Jean-Luc Azoulay : The honey is the bees – with Mallaury Nataf -, The girls next door – with Gérard Vives – or even the cult Hélène and the boys. A demolition which, for sure, will leave a countless number of fans… without a Voice.

Yohann Turi

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