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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Spotify : statistical tools for podcasts

After the guéguerre exclusives that yielded no winner, Spotify has turned to the podcast to distinguish its offering from the competition. The streaming service has played in the cheque book to strengthen its offer of tools for the production of podcasts, with the acquisition in the beginning of the year Anchor (software for recording and editing) and Gimlet (producer).

Spotify then modified the interface of its applications to give a more important place to the podcasts, with the appearance of a category right next to the tab dedicated to the music (read : Spotify : a new interface to the service of podcasts and music). The service adds a new stone to the building, in launching the final version of Spotify for Podcasters.

This platform, available in beta in recent months, is an online dashboard offering to creators of podcasts, all sorts of statistical data, which will allow them to gauge the reception and success of their emissions on Spotify. They will be able to obtain the average time of listening, the number of streams, the total number of listeners, etc

Information that will be useful in order to ” understand and grow your audience “, boasts Spotify… and that will also be practical to sell a podcast to advertisers. However, this research profitability is not the case of several big names in the podcast, the United States and also in France, where many creators have vilified the launch of Majelan.

This app, created by Matthieu Gallet the former boss of Radio France, aggregates podcasts without requiring the agreement of the creators. This is not, strictly speaking, illegal, but the content proposed in the application serve as a showcase to support the economic model of Majelan, without consideration for podcasters. The app sells a monthly subscription for 4,99 € to listen to the additional content produced by the studio home and partner.

For the best as for the worst, instead of the podcast on the market of streaming is becoming more and more central, which does not fail to cause tensions as abundant money from advertising.

Apple, to whom we owe the emergence of the format to the general public through iTunes, is not in rest. The builder would place his large fortune to the service of podcasts for the offer exclusive (read : Apple would finance podcasts for having excluded).

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