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Thursday, August 15, 2019

WebKit : Apple has its policy of anti-tracking in writing

The team WebKit, Apple has put black-on-white code of conduct that it intends to follow to limit the tracking users of Safari when visiting sites. A policy that was derived from that of Mozilla in Firefox, says Apple.

Before the failure of the initiative Do not track, it is a way to get it back on the table this problem of user tracking. For Apple, this tracking on the web must be prevented by default by each browser. Safari and others have options that go in this direction (read Safari : Apple increases protection against tracking, and is expressed on the withdrawal from Do Not Track).

The document lists a series of techniques used by companies who seek to follow these journeys of users on the web in order to establish profiles, which can be exploited by the suite. The more often without the consent of the person, who ignores all of this activity in the background.

Apple has as a principle, already several times claimed, to prevent the tracking by companies foreign to the sites that we consult. When the techniques implemented will prove to be insufficient, WebKit will disrupt the action of these trackers, by limiting the time during which they can act, or reducing the sail area they can erode as information.

If WebKit can block the tracker, without that this translates into a problem of navigation or use of the site, the user will be notified.

There is a part of the game of cat and mouse in this area, between the browser who wants to block the actions of third-parties, and these companies who want to avoid these protections.

From the point of view of Apple, any attempt to bypass these mechanisms will be treated ” with the same seriousness as during the exploitation of a security vulnerability “. Where appropriate this will include adding, without notice, of additional barriers. In addition, the external inputs to the engine of WebKit (it is open source) will be required to meet rules laid down in this document. They will spend all by this filter.

There are cases, admits Apple, where the techniques used by the specialists of the tracking are also used for operations that are legitimate.

By default, WebKit will give priority to the interest of the user, but the developers of Apple does not forbid to change their blockers to take account of these special cases. Provided, however, that this does re-open not the door through which may enter the animal trackers.

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